MyBigCareer volunteers are a remarkable group of people, passionate about supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and breaking down barriers to social mobility.

I’ve had a great experience with MyBigCareer so far. Sophia, who looks after the charity’s volunteers offered me a range of volunteering opportunities that were easy to sign up for and well-organised. When I volunteered for the “What Career Next?” event, I felt well supported by the MyBigCareer team and had the chance to support young people by offering virtual career advice and guidance.  It feels good to be involved with MyBigCareer.  It’s one of the first charities I’ve volunteered for that really nurtures and trains their volunteer community and supports an important cause in a variety of ways.  

Kiren, MyBigCareer volunteer

We know how precious your time is and want to make the most of every hour you give us. We’ll help you to have the best possible impact for young people and get a great volunteering experience too.

You don’t need to be career guidance guru, qualified life coach or employment expert to make a life-changing difference.

Instead we value your life experience, your energy and insights and the connections you can make: the tools you’ll need to help connect, inspire and make change for young people starting out on their journey. Sessions for our 1:1 Career Coaching programme take place during the school day.

As a MyBigCareer volunteer you’ll be:

  • Supported, encouraged and trained by the charity’s energetic team
  • Sharing your skills, insights and expertise to help young people who are less advantaged
  • Getting the opportunity to make new connections with like-minded volunteers
  • Growing professionally and personally as a role model and inspirational individual
  • Supporting your own wellbeing by putting your spare time and ability to brilliant use

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