Success for MyBigCareer midwifery mentee

Midwifery success at the Bridge Academy, Hackney for student mentored by MyBigCareer volunteers

We are delighted to announce that, with mentoring help from MyBigCareer, the Bridge Academy in Hackney has received its first ever midwifery offer.

The successful student had been offered an interview but required advice and support in handling the process. MyBigCareer supplied two midwifery undergraduates to mentor the young lady, who were hugely forthcoming in providing detailed, enthusiastic and practical advice.

Diana Mensah, Higher Education and Careers Manager at the school, said:

“With support from MyBigCareer, this year we secured our first UCAS offer for midwifery at the Bridge Academy, Hackney. MBC provided links to two midwifery undergraduates who supported our student with in-depth advice and guidance in preparation for her university interview. The young lady was truly appreciative and felt confident going to her interview with the preparation she was able to do based on the advice given.”

Jo Margrie, 14-19 Programme Manager at the Hackney Learning Trust, also expressed her congratulations and support.

We are very proud of our mentoring offer and are now pursuing funding to purchase a software package which will allow us to help more young people.

Posted on May 18, 2016 in Our News

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