My Big Career offers students an amazing insight into planning their future education and career pathways. We also recommend the services of the following support agencies to young people looking for help with difficult professional and academic choices:

  • Barclays Life Skills
  • UCAS
  • JustForIT
  • I Could

What We Offer Students

“I had always know that I wanted to study the International aspect of the business world and how it operated. Last year, through the connections of my Head of Sixth form, Deborah was introduced to our school as the new careers advisor.

I guess the real support kicked in soon after, with my UCAS application to Universities. I was struggling to really find an edge and something unique to express in words my interest in International business. So Deborah explained to me the structure of exactly how a personal statement should be written and encouraged me to really bring in personal experiences.

I ended up talking about how in my home country of Ghana, VODAFONE had taken over the mobile phone industry and had a significantly larger market share, in comparison to its UK size. I knew something niche like that would give me an advantage over the other 1,000+ candidates I was up against and I think that is why I managed to gain all 5 university places.

Deborah also helped me to reconnect with very important contacts. After attending an event hosted by MyBigCareer at my Sixth form, I was able to connect with Amanda Fone, from F1 Recruitment. Through her I was able to gain much needed work experience at the PR agency Good Relations and the contacts I know I will need in the future. I was also given the opportunity to talk to Meg Hillier and Mathew Hancock about careers advice in Hackney, which was a great experience and really showed me that, actually young people do have a voice to change things

I think it’s one thing to have a careers advisor who points out spelling mistakes, checks the grammar on one’s CV etc. but it is another thing to have a careers advisor who does all of those things and can connect you with the relevant people to grow your network.

Thank you so much Deborah for all your hard work and time you have invested in not only me, but my school. I really appreciate it.”

Keitra Damte, House of Lords Speech

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