Results day service: calling all undergraduates!

Since 2014, MyBigCareer has been providing A Level results day support to Hackney schools, facilitated by the Hackney Learning Trust. In previous years, many students had simply been handed their results and left to navigate UCAS and Clearing with no support from teachers or parents. In schools where only a minority of students were applying to university, this lack of support meant many bright and capable young people were missing out.

MyBigCareer recruits volunteer undergraduates and trains them to work with A Level students to secure the best possible university place based on their results. These volunteers are at the schools by 7am on results day, ready to provide practical and emotional support to the students. They are also instrumental in helping MyBigCareer record destination data.

Jo Margrie, 14-19 Programme Manager at the Hackney Learning Trust, says: “Hackney schools have found the support provided by MyBigCareer as part of the Results Day Project extremely useful. The extra capacity and knowledge provided by the volunteers on A Level results day has enabled more effective liaison with university admissions departments. This has helped secure offers or source alternatives for those failing to achieve their offer grades.”

Calling all undergraduates

Would you like to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds secure well-deserved places at university? Are you calm under pressure, well-organised, empathetic and friendly? MyBigCareer would like to hear from you!

Thursday 18th August (plus one training day to be held in July, date tbc)

Hackney, East London

What’s in it for you
• A highly rewarding experience, helping young people secure the best possible university places
• Free training session
• Refreshments on the day
• Looks great on your CV

For further information, please email Anna Trocmé Latter or call 020 7409 5162.

Posted on April 29, 2016 in Our News

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