Norwegian school raises funds for MyBigCareer

Deborah Streatfield with St Pauls fundraisers

In the summer of 2015 a group of teachers from St Paul’s School in Bergen, Norway, visited London to gain an insight into British education.

Deborah Streatfield was asked to run a workshop for the teachers on careers education in the UK and during the session she spoke about the work of MyBigCareer. Johann Falkenberg from St Paul’s was moved by the stories of poverty and the lack of social mobility in the UK. He leads a project at the school called ‘Helping Others’ and when he returned to Norway he decided to raise funds for the charity with the help of his students. They had cake sales and a concert for MyBigCareer was held with all the students on the programme taking part.

Johann’s plan to raise funds for the plight of disadvantaged young people in the UK attracted the attention of the BBC in December 2015, and in May 2016 Deborah travelled to Bergen to meet the students and receive the money that had been raised. During her time at the school she visited classes and watched the students perform parts of the concert. St Paul’s gave her a huge welcome and they have promised to continue their fundraising into 2017.

Everyone at MyBigCareer would like to thank Ronny the Headmaster, Johann and Sunni Jay for their wonderful company and hospitality and for working so hard for the young people of the UK. We are so grateful.

Posted on July 4, 2016 in Our News, Press/Media

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