MyBigCareer on BBC Radio London

Vanessa Feltz interviews MyBigCareer

Volunteer Sue Muswell flew the MyBigCareer flag live on air on Friday morning, just 20 minutes after we received a call from BBC Radio London asking us to appear on their breakfast show.

The topic of discussion was the behaviour of teenagers in employment, after an advertisement for Saturday staff posted in the window of a butcher’s shop stipulated: “No drama queens, no drunks, no drug addicts, no emotional wrecks, no mummy’s boys, no scruffs, hardworking yes”. This sparked a flurry of responses from listeners, most of whom seemed to agree with the butcher’s point of view that the majority of young people fit into one or more of these categories.

Sue spoke about the students she has worked with as a MyBigCareer volunteer, many of whom have been very bright despite their disadvantaged backgrounds. She explained MyBigCareer’s belief that where parents are not able to offer the right support or training, young people need more of a leg up – but this does not make them any less capable, motivated or valuable than their counterparts who have received tailored support throughout their lives.

You can listed to the full Vanessa Feltz Breakfast Show here, or skip to 02:05:45 for this section.

Posted on May 24, 2016 in Our News, Press/Media

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