Founder Deborah Streatfield Ready to Take On Next Project

Since the launch of MyBigCareer seven years ago, our founder Deborah Streatfield has dedicated herself to changing the lives of young people for the better by working tirelessly to achieve her vision of improving social mobility throughout the UK. Without her MyBigCareer would not have been created.

Having worked so closely with our committed loyal volunteers over the years and having seen MyBigCareer become so well-established, Deborah now feels the time is right for her to hand over her day-to-day responsibilities to the Charity’s Senior Leadership Team and to focus her energies on her next project, one we know she will approach with her same unflinching commitment to making a positive difference for young people everywhere.

MyBigCareer wishes to thank Deborah for all her hard work and for her unyielding dedication to breaking down barriers for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and we wish her every success on her new path.

As our founder, Deborah will always be a fundamental part of our own success story. As we continue to grow by supporting more and more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to improve their life chances, we will always recognise that Deborah’s founding approach to tackling social mobility for young people will always underpin our work.

Deborah will, of course, continue to follow My Big Career’s development closely as the Charity focuses afresh on its mission to prepare young people from disadvantaged backgrounds for their futures and as we continue to tackle the constant challenges of breaking down barriers to social mobility that they still face.

“On launching the Charity in 2013 the sole beneficiaries were young people in need of help. My volunteers around me, started with nothing and we changed so many lives and made such huge strides towards delivering our goal – something I will always be incredibly proud of.

I would like to thank the Board and all the volunteers over the years for their passion for social mobility and for their unflinching commitment to changing young lives for the better, along with all those loyal supporters who have worked so closely with me throughout my MBC journey.

I will hope from afar, of course, to see MyBigCareer continue to achieve its original mission as I conceived it and I wish everyone every success in the future.” Deborah Streatfield, Founder of MyBigCareer

Posted on January 8, 2021 in Our News

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