It is not about negotiating tricky paperwork-loaded Work Experience placements or Internship opportunities; at MyBigCareer, we try to make employer engagement with schools as easy as possible, as per the governmental direction with connections between students and the working world.

MBC understands the pressures of fulfilling CSR obligations, and we are happy to facilitate these obligations in an educational context.

Ways Employers can get involved


Matthew Hancock, Minister for Business, Enterprise and Energy: ‘Those who do not have natural networks through their family links often find it harder to break into high-quality jobs, and networking and mentoring can do an enormous amount to break down those barriers and improve social mobility.’

Insight Days

Giving students an insight into particular professions and career pathways such as Accountancy, Law, Marketing, Recruitment, etc which can be held either at offices/the schools in question/Charity space in Covent Garden.

MyBigCareer: An Employer’s View

“We were only too keen to get involved with MyBigCareer because we know that careers in marketing and communications are under-represented in all school careers departments and particularly badly so among students from disadvantaged backgrounds.. We simply got in touch with Deborah Streatfield and it was very straightforward. We had the pleasure of presenting the opportunities of a career in Marketing and Communications to a group of sixth form students at Cardinal Pole School in Hackney in February 2014 and then arranged for some of them to get in touch with us directly so we could spend time with them one-on-one, give them practise interviews and, in the summer holidays, arrange some work experience with our clients in the communications sector. We organised this very carefully as we usually organise work experience only for people after they have finished education and it was a huge success.

The students we met were exemplary – inquisitive and highly organised. The support of MyBigCareer kept things efficient throughout and we would urge other companies to get involved. You can visit schools to explain what exactly you do, what the entry points to your business are and what career path is on offer in your industry. Find ways to make your sector come alive and become real to students who might not even know such a career exists. Offer work experience for the older students and you will be helping to mend the broken careers guidance on offer in some schools and also opening up great new opportunities for your company by appealing to students that might not otherwise know about you.

We’re looking forward to next year.”

Amanda Fone, F1 Recruitment, London

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