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Why we exist

Every individual deserves a chance. No one should be hindered because of where they grew up or the school they went to. At MyBigCareer, we are determined to break down barriers to social mobility and make a difference to young people’s lives.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide free one-to-one career guidance to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and to breakdown barriers to social mobility. Our advice is delivered by professionally qualified advisers volunteering from within the independent sector. These individuals are motivated by their shared passion for making career and educational opportunities available to all – regardless of background, affluence or connections.


I welcome the dedication of MyBigCareer to help young people realise their ambitions through further study or work.

-- The Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP, Deputy Prime Minister --

A few statistics we are trying to change

% of 16-24 year olds are unemployed
% of students are enrolled in independent education, yet over half of medics attended private schools
% of university places are filled by disadvantaged candidates
under 24 year olds are out of work

What our patrons and supporters say

  • MyBigCareer is an excellent charity keen to make sure that all young people get the best informed careers advice whether or not their parents can pay for it. I am delighted to have worked with MyBigCareer from the outset and that it has chosen to start its work in Hackney, with an office base in one of our secondary schools.

    Meg Hillier, MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch
  • The charity will provide much needed face to face guidance for the most disadvantaged, aiming to break down barriers and promote social mobility.

    The Rt Hon Dr Vincent Cable MP
  • MyBigCareer is a charity with an excellent idea of what is needed to help provide school children with the help and guidance required to get them into their chosen careers or further study.

    The Rt Hon Simon Hughes MP
  • I am very impressed by the project. Seeking to improve careers access for less fortunate young people is both an important and wholly commendable initiative, and I wish Deborah and MyBigCareer every success.

    Graham Stuart MP, Chairman of the Education Select Committee


Learn more about the charity and the people behind it

MyBigCareer was launched because of our concern about a lack of independent careers advice for young people – a key factor in boosting social mobility.

In recent times, various schemes have emerged, including centrally-funded Aim Higher projects and the EMA, which was aimed at post-16 retention. Funding for these programmes is no longer available.

Deborah Streatfield, founder of MyBigCareer, is a careers consultant, who has provided personalised support and advice to students for more than 25 years. She currently works with a diverse range of clients including families of students seeking specialist advice on a retained basis as well as homeless people looking for a path to a fairly paid job, an education and a career. Deborah provides guidance across GCSE and A-level choices, university admission applications, and vocational courses leading to trade and professional occupations.

Funding for the charity comes from philanthropic organisations sharing goals in common with our mission and the corporate sector. Donations are most welcome.

The charity’s patron, Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable, is working hard to secure further funding.

What people are saying

“I have found Deborah’s support and advice with my personal statement very helpful and effective. With her I’ve also identified ways to improve my writing.”
Joan Lawal

“Deborah has given me a lot of confidence and in such a short time she has made a great contribution to my University application process.”
Emmanuel Farine

“Deborah has given me advice on what University would be good for me and has given invaluable assistance with the LNAT test. When discussing my personal statement she has aided me with legal terminology despite that not being her field of expertise she found a way to help me. “
Jesse Williams

Our Trustees

Ann Fossey

Tony Gallagher

Dr Carlos Gomez

John Kelly-Jones

Sandi Simons

Vince Pizzoni


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